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Required of Digital Signature Certificate

25 Sep


The digital Signature certificate requirements are necessary to be satisfied in situations where verification of Digital Signature Certificate is to be assured. Digital Signature Certificate are more generally known as public key Digital certificates, used substantially in the idea of cryptography.

These are generally digitally produced identification signatures or other types of information that affiliate unique key values to person or companies to create a history that cannot be copied and hence shows the unique existence of the entity.
This form of Digital Certificate is needed mostly for protection reasons, such that a tab is kept on public keys and corresponding location.

Digital Certificate of a Key Features:
The primary features that determine a digital signature certificate include:
SERIAL NUMBER: A unique number that helps identify the specific digital signature certificate.
SUBJECT: This is used for recognition of the particular entity – personl, company or an organization.
DIGITAL SIGNATURE ALGORITHM: It is a manifestation of the algorithm that creates and defines a digital signature.
DIGITAL SIGNATURE: The record for confirmation and/or authentication of the key is the digital signature.
ISSUES: It is the entity that problems the certificate and confirms all relevant details.
VALID FROM: Date of issue and beginning of credibility phrase of the digital signature certification.
VALID TO: End of validity or time frame of expiration of the certification.
USAGE OF KEY: Here in is mentioned the primary or basic purpose of preparing the digital signature certificate and area it would be used to.
PUBLIC KEY: The digital signature certificate is recognized by a public key.
THUMBPRINT ALGORITHM: This is a unique criteria that provides for hashing funtion on public key or Digital Signature Certificate.
THUMBPRINT: An shortened edition of the public key or digital signature certificate is provided by the hash, identified as thumbprint.
Classification of Digital Signature Certificate:
The digital certification requirements can be categorized on the reasons for source groups, that is, on the reasons for the nature and requirements of customers, such as:
Class 1: Individuals fall in this category, for which public key or digital certificate is prepared for emailing uses.
Class 2: Class 2 Digital Signature Certificate allows in making work light for various dealings for MCA ( Ministry of Corporate Affairs ) or Domain registrar of Companies(ROC), Earnings Tax Division and in some divisions of e-Tendering also.
Class 3: Digital Signature Certificate Class 3 can be obtained by Individual User or Authorized Individual on behalf of Org / Firm / Organization.