Digital Signature For E-Tendering

Digital Signature Cerificate For E-TenderingWhat is The Digital Signature for E-Tendering & How to Get Digital Signature Class 2, Class 3

Class 3 a/b Digital Signature / Digital Signature certificate are launched to Personal or company for various factors.  Class 3 A/B Digital Signature / Digital Signatures for individuals/Organization is Certificate that provides maximum possible level of assurance within the RCAI framework set up by CCA ( Controller of Certifying Authorities) in Native indian which is mainly used for e-tendering or e-procurement or e-bidding.

To get engaged in the e-tendering process,  every source is required to use a Class 3B Digital Signature / Digital Signature Certification.  s are launched to individuals,  organizations and devices and appropriate for individual and expert use.  Usually,  they are used for Electronic Data Exchange ( EDI ) ,  online banking/broking-tendering and other web-based transactions where comfort and credibility are crucial.

e-Tendering is changing the way procurement is carried out.  It has made the whole process effective,  faster and anytime-accessible.  To provide legal sanctity to the the whole e-Tendering process,  Digital Certificates are used to validate the recognition of the suppliers as well as customers.  It also defends the details that is transacted online and hence gives maximum possible security as required in an ideal tendering situation.  It is the greatest type of Digital Certificates launched to organizations.

To provide you with secured online emails with ministry and in complying with IT Act 2000,  a home,  accepted signatories and experts will be required to obtain a DSC.

ONGC / GAIL / IFFCO / AIR Native indian / Railways / GNFC  has offered e-Procurement.  Digital Certificates shall be used to access the website and validate the Providers.  Providers shall have to obtain legally genuine Category 3 Digital Certificate.

Class 3 Digital Certificate are launched to individuals,  organizations and government organizations.  They can be used both for individual and expert factors.  They are usually used for electronic business programs such as electronic financial,  electronic data interchange (EDI),  and membership-based on-line services,  where security is a significant problem.

The level of believe in created by the Digital Certificate is depending on the verification methods used by the CA to validate your recognition and the service guarantees offered by the CA to back up that verification.

CA uses various methods to obtain evidence of your recognition before giving you the Class-3 Certificate.  During verification,  you will also need to be actually present before a Deciding upon up Power,  qualified by CA due to their neutrality and balance.  These acceptance methods provide more highly effective guarantees of an candidate’s recognition.

Types of Certificate

CA provides Determining upon and Encryption types of Personal Digital Certificates,  which can be used for Digital Signature and Encryption factors respectively.

A provide is also available to back-up the credentials you have used to get properly secured messages/documents,  so that the properly secured messages/documents can be recovered if you have losing the person key or if required in your absence,  using your backed-up credentials.  This can be of outstanding help for organizations,  wherein,  it is necessary to recover the properly secured information acquired by an employee after he/she has staying the organization.

Signing Certificate

The Deciding upon Certificate is used for planning the Digital Signature that provides Validity, Non-Repudiation and Reliability to digital interaction. These Accreditations can be used to electronically indication records,  information, e-mail and can also be used as an recognition for digital program and in SSL interaction with a Web Hosting server.  The Prospective subscriber produces the signing private/public key couple on a reliable method and represents the liability for protecting the personal key.  The qualifications used for Electronic Trademark cannot be backed-up as it goes against the idea of Validity and Non-Repudiation.

Digital Signature for E-Tendering


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